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100 watts of power-edited

10,000 Watts of pure vaping power!!!

Ok, maybe not exactly 10,000 watts, but still a lot of pure vaping power!


How much power is too much power?

Honestly, we don’t know the answer.  However, we do know that the devices such as the beastly Sigelei 100 Watt box and the IPV’s that are coming out, are capable of providing more than enough power for every vapers needs!

If you like the heat and clouds from sub ohm vaping, but hate….

  • Minimal battery life
  • Loathe the loss of power as your mech mod’s battery starts to die
  • Would prefer something a little more safe

Then, this mod is perfect for you.

If you vape regular tanks/clearomizers but are looking for something that will stay charged for a looooooong time, then this mod is perfect for you, as well.

We can’t stress enough though ….BE SAFE!

With a device that puts out this much power you need to practice safe vaping!


-Use a battery that has a high amp rating like these or these

-Understand Ohms law, and use a calculator like THIS one

-Ask for help or advice at Info@thevaporhut.com

Remember … building coils at a lower resistance, on a regulated device, does NOT mean more vapor is produced! The amount of vapor will be determined completely on what you set your box at.

50 watts  @ 2 ohms or .02 ohms will vape about the same.

I mean, the 100 Watt box has all the built in safety stuff that you would expect from a regulated device, but at the end of the day, it just can’t regulate dumb.

And now for a little story to illustrate this fact…

Yesterday, I (Michael) was using my 100 watt box with a rebuildable dripping atomizer, because I wanted to see what 100 watts felt like on a regulated device. (Wow, it was intense!)  So, after about an hour, I decided I wanted to switch to see how well it worked using a clearomizer.  So, I threw my Nautilus tank on it, and unfortunately, I forgot to turn down the watts.  I pushed the fire button, took a big ol’ long draw, and burnt the living hell out of my throat and lungs!

It sucked bad!

Like I said, it can’t regulate dumb. LoL!

So, don’t vape dumb, vape smart!


(Also available in our brick and mortar stores)







coil gunk

The nasty yet completely fixable truth about coil gunk

If you have been a part of the vape scene for some time now, or even if you are brand new, then you have most likely heard a ton of different things about vaping.  Some of the information is correct, but unfortunately there is an abundance of INCORRECT information available.  Here at TVH, we try our best to help funnel some of the confusion and misinformation that is commonly said about vaping.

We have our VAPE LINGO page, and it’s main purpose is, just that, to help people figure out what the different terms mean, and to maybe put a smile on consumer’s faces and help them to remember to enjoy life.

One of the subjects that has been around for as long as we can remember is the issue of coils getting gunked up.

This problem has had many names in the past.  One of the most commonly misused ways to describe this issue is “My wick is burnt”.   We can’t tell you how many times we have heard this term used in the stores, and honestly, we use to say this all the time too.

The truth is most of your standard clearomizer tanks systems use silica for a wicking solution, and silica is semi burn resistant.  So, it’s almost impossible to “burn up your wick”.  Yes, it gets scorched, however, the silica itself isn’t “burnt up”.  The burnt taste from the gunked up coil is most likely the cause of the common saying, “my wick is burnt”.  (see pic)

The gunky, crusty, and nasty residue is a result of various ingredients used in almost all e-liquids.

It does NOT taste great, and it can be downright nasty at times.

Have no fear!  Here is some helpful information regarding this issue:

1. Most replacement heads/coils for clearomizers are pretty cheap.  We sell ours for $2.95 each or 5 for $12.00.  Most of us are ex- smokers and are aware of the average cost of most packs of smokes.  They are upwards of $5-$7 per pack.   Many of us smoked at least a pack a day.  Taking this into consideration, even if you have to replace your coil/head everyday it’s still cheaper than buying a pack of cancer sticks a day.  The average vapor gets 2-3 days per coil.  This all depends on the juice you vape, how much you vape, and at what wattage you vape at.  So, when put in proper perspective, it’s really not a huge deal to replace your coils more often.

2. Coils CAN be dry burned.  Dry burning is firing your device with your tank/atty attached in order to get your coils glowing red. (Tank must be empty) Then, blow directly onto your coils while you are pushing the button.  A pick of some sort can be used to lightly scrape off the build up that’s on the coils.  It literally just flakes right off.

Remember the wick inside is most likely semi burn resistant, so you will not burn up your wick.  This method works for tanks and clearomizers, but it is much easier when using a rebuildable atomizer which allows you to get better exposure to the coils.



We often have people complain their “wicks aren’t lasting as long as they use to”, and here at TVH, we can promise you that our formulas and recipes have stayed the same. Yes, some may vary slightly from flavor to flavor but for the most part, our juice is the same today as it was 3 years ago.

Also, you may be curious  if we can eliminate the ingredients that cause this issue from our e-liquids…Well the answer is, not really. We have tried several different variations, and the recipe we have now taste the best.

There are some e-liquids that advertise being “gunk free”.  More power to them!  We like our liquids just the way they are, and most of our beloved customers agree with us.

We have no plans on changing our recipes and sacrificing the robust flavor simply to gain a day or two of usage out of our coils.

It’s a trade off, and we like flavor.

So, if you’d like more info on dry burning your coils you can:

A. Go to Youtube and search for it.  There are tons of videos to guide you through the process.

B. Email us at info@thevaporhut.com, and we will try to help you out or answer any more questions your might have.


Hopefully this helps clear up a few things and bring some perspective to this issue we all deal with.  Until next time… #VAPESTRONG

Now I’m off to redo my atty, because my wick is burnt. :)


gunked up coils

chi_you main_upclose

Style of Mojo Chi You

Often imitated but never duplicated.

In the day of clones and dime a dozen mechanical mods the chi_you still stands tall above most.

It is no secret that in today’s over saturated mod market that many mods are basically the same.





But every once in a while there comes along a mod that changes things.

A device that dares to color outside of the lines and be actually innovative.

The Chi is one of those devices.

It was the first mod to introduce the telescoping top pin, allowing all attys to set flush on the top cap and also telescope from the bottom to make good contact with battery and have no rattles, allowing you to use any size/brand of battery.

It truly is an innovative device .

Now most mods use the telescoping top pin….as they should.

Top quality stainless steel tubes with brass contacts allowing for great conductivity puts the chi as one of the best mech mods of all times, joining the rank of the Caravela, and the GGTS.

The chi is heavily cloned which means you can now buy a device that looks like the chi at every run of the mil gas station or rinky dink vape shop, along with your flea market style nikes and coach bags, but at the end of the day it’s not the chi.

The quality of the clones declare the reason for buying the real deal.

You get what you pay for.

So if you would like to join the ranks and own a mech mod that helped change the way mechanicals are made then you should grab a chi_you.

Available in limited quantities HERE

Each chi is serialized with it’s own badge of authenticity

chi_you main_upclose2 chi_you main_upclose3

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